Sunday, August 31, 2014

Metro 2033 Redux (DX11)

This game is 3D Ready out of the box. I just add a Dynamic Crosshair and push a little deeper the HUD.

- Dynamic Crosshair
- Icons that appear when you grab stuff are also dynamic
- HUD elements a little deeper (adjustable)

Unlock Convergence (Thank to Kingping1):
- add: "r_dbg_stereo_auto_separation 0"  (without quotes) to the user.cfg file and make read only

unlocking convergence introduce some glitches with lights and models when you use Tesselation high or very High.....if happens, use "Normal" Tesselation

In d3dx.ini file you can adjust HUD depth. You can change the "0.3" value:
x=0.3   // HUD depth, 0.8=in screen, 0=screen depth, -0.2=popout


Friday, August 29, 2014

Alan Wake

Alan Wake
Patch By: Neovad

Fixed: Skybox, Stars, Flares, Main Shadows, Lights
Known issues: Moon (I've not found any shader(s))

Install to Main folder

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Assassin's Creed Liberation HD (DX11)

**UPDATE 08-24**
- All Lights now should works

This is my first fix using 3Dmigoto :)
Thanks mike for the AC3 fix, that was taken as a reference....all credit goes to him.
Thanks to bo3b for the lessons about using this wrapper, help me solve a few things and testing.

- Shadows
- Lights
- Effects
- Moon/Sun/Stars/Clouds

- I'm using NO-SLI configuration, so maybe using SLI can introduce more issues. bo3b tested and don't found anything different using SLI.

In d3dx.ini file you can adjust HUD depth. You can change the "0.4" value:
x=0.4   // HUD depth, 0.8=in screen, 0=screen depth, -0.2=popout

Extract where .exe is located



Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Minecraft 1.7.10 in 3D Vision.

UPDATE: 31/08/2014 Hello all,
(This is my first post here so bear with me ^_^)

We (me and Mike_ar69) are proud to announce the release of MineCraft 1.7.10 rendered in Stereoscopic 3D with 3D Vision.


- Helifax - OpenGL - 3D Vision Wrapper and initial shader stereoscopy injection
- Mike_ar69 - Fixed alot of shaders effects : Shadows, Reflections, Sky etc (in SEUS shaders)
- Mike_ar69 - Created the Vanilla Minecraft Stereoscopic shaders (comes with the wrapper).

- Go to 3D Surround Gaming (for simplicity sake I will post the fix just there. That way is easier to update).
- Download either the Java x86 or x64 version (based on which version of Java you are using).
- Install all the mods that let you play Minecraft with GLSL Shaders.
- Set the game to Window Mode.
- Install the wrapper (x86 if you are using Java x86 otherwise x64 for Java x64).
- Start the game and use "Mike"
- Additionally, if you plan to install the SEUS pack, you will first need to convert them to stereo3D. (The creator doesn't allow redistributing the SEUS shader packs and thus the need for the converter tool. However he does allow the modifications of the shaders for personal use). The video tutorial on how to install the SEUS pack mod can be found here: Minecraft SEUS Pack - 3D Vision

Screenshots made with SEUS shader Pack:

Happy mine-crafting;))

Sunday, August 17, 2014

GUIDE: Understanding and making the most out of "Compatility Mode" 3D.


     I figured a guide is in order because very few people understand "Compatibility Mode" 3D and it is important especially as time progresses due to NVIDIA's lack of support. First off let me explain, I do not hate this mode. People often put words into my mouth. I find it acceptable in a few titles. Its definitely nowhere near as great as "normal 3D" but is "acceptable" alternative in quite a few titles. However, I don't agree with it being used as the sole focus of 3D Vision but that is out of my hands. Its important to note this mode is currently limited to DX11 ONLY. You can check out a video of compatibility mode HERE.

    The name "compatibility mode" comes in a variety forms such as... Depth Buffer / Z buffer / Fake 3D. For the purposes of this guide it will be labeled Compatibility Mode. Compatibility Mode is different from "normal 3D". The main difference comes from the distortion that can appear around some objects.

    The PRO's of this mode is little/less performance cost [usually] / little in the way of anomalies. CON's are less "real" 3D effect, distortion, HUD bouncing/tearing. With this guide I will help you to understand why these issues are happening and how to minimize. Distortion around some objects is unavoidable but can be minimized. This has to do with your depth setting but MAINLY your convergence setting. This is why its more noticeable the closer objects are to the screen. You should primarily rely on your depth for 3D effect then use your convergence to find a middle ground between distortion and 3D effect. If you wish to use to have more depth then your limited to use this file HERE . [Save to desktop and launch prior to launching game. 64BIT ONLY]

   HUDs can be a major annoyance. Its important to know that this is unavoidable. This has to do with HUDs hit detection of objects behind it. I always recommend looking in games options for HUD prior to playing. The best option is to remove as much HUD as possible and then reduce the size so its less of a "target". If its able to be tweaked disable as much as possible. If its possible to be scaled [Like Battlefield 4] scale to a smaller size. Another option that works in most titles is increasing the resolution which usually will scale down the HUD. If you are already at your displays MAX resolution it is possible to Downscale/Downsample IF you have the performance.
Check HERE for details.[HDMI displays can scale to 1080P@60HZ 3D . DVI-D can scale to 1440P@60HZ 3D]

If you need to contact me I can be reached at

Saturday, August 16, 2014

X-Rebirth - 3D Vision Fix: *** 64bit Update

3D Vision Fix by mike_ar69

The latest version of XR (from 2.1 onwards) is now a 64bit executable.  For the current fix to work at all (e.g. the hud etc) you need to use the 64bit helix DLL found here:-
and then look in this folder:
- dlls->release-x64->d3d9.dll

This worked for me in testing.

NOTE: the SLI fix is still not updated since an earlier game update broke it.  Since they are still making major fixes to this game all the time, I am not keen on wasting my time just yet.  However, this 64 bit update was easy to rectify for now.

You can currently remove the stuff that renders incorrectly in SLI by either (a) setting shaders to "low", or (b) using the "legacy shaders" option.   Option (a) looks much better though.

Fixed - Current version v3.4
- Can now change convergence to higher values and the cockpit remains in place
- Provided two hotkey settings (key "9") for convergence (outside the cockpit)
- Provided Toggle (key "0") to show and hide cockpit - this allows even higher convergence and is nice to fly around and look at the universe unimpeded.
- Added extra toggle key (key "8") to enable or disable the hud fixes so it does not affect walking around when landed
- Added toggle key "7" to toggle the hud (markers etc) on and off when the cockpit has been disabled for a completely 'clean' screen.  Also turns off the round cross-hair.  Does *not* turn off the mouse cursor.
- Provided a separate depth setting for markers and info icons.
- Provided a fix for SLI users that may be experiencing lighting rendering issues (yellow environmental lighting that is turned on with medium or high shaders)

- Added toggle key "7" to toggle the hud (markers etc) on and off when the cockpit has been disabled for a completely 'clean' screen.  Also turns off the round cross-hair.  Does *not* turn off the mouse cursor.

- Extended the key "8" to make the markers and icons a bit closer for when walking around, and also set the convergence back to a low value so it's tolerable (in case a high value had been used for flying around and was forgotten about).

- Fixed loading screen issue
- Fixed minor issue where planet texture was missing when toggling the cockpit off...
- Fixed the defaults for 'fix on/off' and 'cockpit toggle on/off' to be 'on' and 'off' respectively.

** Walking around on stations - you need to use the low convergence (0.602) toggle, or press the "8" key to disable the cockpit fix.
** It seems the issue with the Mouselook has come back when landing at stations.  I've tried lots of DLLs but they all have the same issue.  The one that fixed it in v2 prevents the hotkeys from working for the cockpit.  It works with keyboard and controller.

- I provide separate installers for the SLI fix and no-SLI fix.
- The approach to 'lock down' the cockpit currently has it fixed and 0.602-ish.  This puts the cockpit steering wheel thing just out of screen depth.  I did not provide a toggle to change this to higher depth.
- I was unable to separate dialog text from other text in the game.  Sorry.
- Menus are currently still at depth.  For whatever reason I can't seem to isolate the textures for the info icons or the menus...
- Using the key "8" toggle can get confusing if used in conjunction with keys "9" for changing separation, and key "0" for toggling the cockpit view on and off, since it disables both operations of correcting convergence and toggling the cockpit.

- The mouse cursor is still at screen depth.  I am looking at this, and if it can be fixed I will do so.
- If anyone can work out why the mouselook is so flakey that would be great.  I noted on Egosoft forums that it seems to be an issue with the game even in 2D for some people, so I am going to wait until Egosoft have a fixed a few more bugs.

NON SLI Version
1. Extract this zip file to the games exe directory.  In my case this is D:\Steam\steamapps\common\X Rebirth
2. Run the game.

SLI LightFix Version
3. Extract this zip file to the games exe directory.  In my case this is D:\Steam\steamapps\common\X Rebirth
2. Run the game.