Friday, November 21, 2014

World of Diving

More 3D Screenshots

Download the fix: 3Dfix-World of


  • halos on all surfaces
  • Unity Light, Shadows & Specular highlights fixed.
  • Water refraction, halos, etc
  • Flashlight clipping
  • Sun depth no longer varies with convergence and is pinned at an appropriate depth.


UI Depth adjustment (except mouse cursor):

  • 5: Screen depth
  • 6: 25%
  • 7: 50%
  • 8: 75%
  • 9: 90% (default)
  • 0: 95%
  • Tab: Hold to bring UI to screen depth (necessary to avoid problems with text wandering to the right on the diving computer).

Convergence Presets:

  • [: Sets a low convergence (0.03) that keeps everything behind the mask
  • ]: Sets a higher convergence (0.1) for a better 3D effect. Sometimes things are slightly in front of the mask, but it's worth it for the better 3D.

You can save your own custom convergence & separation preset to these buttons. First, press the button you want to edit, then adjust the convergence and separation with the standard nVidia keys (Ctrl+F5/F6 if advanced keys are enabled in the control panel) and finally press F7 to save.

Known Issues

  • Like many Unity games, the mouse cursor depth cannot be adjusted as it uses a hardware cursor. Press 5 when in a menu to bring the UI back to screen depth.


  • This is an early access game with new content being developed all the time. Please check back for updates to the fix for any issues in future content.

  • I've fixed the surface shaders for everything in the dive shop that I'm able to preview, but I can't preview certain things like Dive Buddies and Boats without first unlocking them. Due to the way Unity surface shaders work, there is a fairly high chance that some of these may still be broken.
    If you have not yet bought the game, but are planning to do so as a direct result of this fix, consider getting in touch with me first so I can invite you for XP to allow me to unlock and fix some of the higher level items sooner.

Feel free to add me as a friend on Steam (DarkStarSword), but please leave a comment on my profile page first so I don't mistake you for a spammer.

Lego The Hobbit - 3D Vision Fix (DX9 only)

3D Vision Fix by mike_ar69

Fixes the game to work with any convergence and separation.  The game by default not only locks convergence at much too high value, it ties it to separation adjustment.  Some of the default convergence settings in cut scenes require almost zero depth to be tolerable, and the convergence also changes dynamically quite a lot, so you can't change the settings on the fly very easily.
Other than the above, the game by default is 3DVision Ready, so this fix is for those who can't handle the high convergence.

- The above convergence issue, which screws the game up and requires:
- All the double imaging and haloing
- Shadows
- Lights
- Water
- Fog, smoke etc

- Convergence presets on keys F4 and F5.

- This is a DirectX 9 fix, not DX11.
- TURN OFF MOTION BLUR if you get polygon flickering.
- TURN OFF BLOOM (this will render at screen depth otherwise)
- The targeting reticule is at screen depth.
- The two convergence settings provided (0.2 and 1.0) can be changed by pressing the F4 and F5 keys, changing settings then pressing F7 and they will be saved.
- HUD renders incorrectly for convergence <> 1.  I am looking into this for all the lego games.

- There are some remaining (and minor) lighting issues, and the odd 2d effect.  I will chip away as I find them and update the fix.

1. Extract this zip file to the games exe directory.
2. Run the game.

Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure

fix by:  4everAwake

-Halos, UI

Remaining Issue(s):
-Mouse cursor is 2D
-At the Swamp House, the sky is black. It should be red.

-Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into the same directory that has the game's EXE file.

  • C - press this to make UI & cutscenes screen depth
  • V - press this to toggle crosshair on/off  
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 - Convergence presets (one preset per key). "1" is used as the main convergence (when walking around normally). You can adjust each key to your desired depth & convergence & save your settings with the F7 key.
Also, When you use the flashlight ('F' key), remember to press the 'F' key again to put your flashlight away before accessing any other menu (inventory screen for example)

If inventory pictures look too dark, press 'F'.
If the flashlight looks off, press the escape key 'Esc', press 'F', and press 'Esc' again to return to the game 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (DX11) 3D Vision Fix

3D Vision Fix by mike_ar69 & bo3b

Special Thanks to DHR for additional shader fixes.

1. Shadows.
2. Lights.
3. Fog.
4. Smoke.
5. Fire.
6. Explosions.
7. Special effects.
8. HUD (partial).
9. Crosshair (Partial).

Known Issues
1. Disable Order Independent Transparency.
2. HUD is put at screen depth except for cross-hair.
3. Cross-hair fix defines a small area in the screen center and some other hud elements (like the map) are also affected.
4. Menus are mostly at screen depth except some parts which stick out the screen.
5. Sun rays are a bit wrong, but not too bad.
6. Particle effects are correct for normal gameplay and 19:9 aspect ratios, but are incorrect for the benchmark and when in wraith mode using the bow.
7. The game has some noticeable "triangle flicker" at the screen edges.  This not to do with the fix.

8. We also know that some areas will have additional effects we need to fix, since we have not played the whole game yet.

Drivers and Performance
1. Game performs really well.  We tested on non-SLI 770 and 760, and on SLI 760 and 770.  Even with the non-SLI cards, performance was really smooth.
2. We recommend using 344.65 driver (and later).
3. Earlier drivers have SLI issues.
4. You might get a crash at launch on some drivers in SLI. If so, disable SLI for first launch so it can cache shaders, then re-enable it.
5. SLI scaling is excellent (near 100%).
6. We recommend "High" settings rather than "ultra".  We can't find any noticable difference visually, but performance is much better on "high".




1. Extract this zip file to the games exe directory. In my case this is J:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\ShadowOfMordor\x64.
2. Play the game.
3. The first time you play it may take a few minutes to start as shaders get cached.

Update: 0.99.4 version includes ocean and swamp shader fixes.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Might & Magic X - Legacy

fix by: mike_ar69, eqzitara, 4everAwake

-Halos, lights, HUD

Remaining Issue(s):
-Mouse cursor is 2D
-Some flickering white textures in a few areas (Elemental Forge level 4, Minho Marsh)

Additional Notes:

  • 'Z' key- Press this to make the HUD screen depth
  • 'X' key- When in battle, press this to cycle the depth of enemy nameplates & healthbars (3 presets)
  • 'Caps Lock' key- In battle, if you want to access your inventory or map, press this key to realign the screen. When finished, press this key again to restore depth to the enemy nameplates.  
-On occasion, some trees or bushes might look off from a distance. Very briefly turn away (rotate your party) and the problem should be gone.
-Also, mostly the main quest was followed. So there may be shaders in some side quests that were missed.  

 Special thanks to DarkStarSword for the FOV fix.

Fix Updated 11/18/14:  
Fixed an error in one of the shader files causing "white streaks". 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Dreamfall Chapters (Book 1)

Download the fix: 3Dfix-Dreamfall


Extract the contents of the zip file to the game directory.

If the graphics are broken after launching the game or after alt+tabbing out and in, try adjusting the separation settings with Ctrl+F3/F4. You may need to hold the lower separation button for about a second to fix it, then you can adjust it back to your preferred settings.


  • Lighting and shadows fixed with a new technique
  • Halos on all surfaces, reflections, etc.
  • UI depth (except the mouse cursor) is adjustable with the keys on the number row and tilde to return to screen depth.

Known Issues

  • Volumetric ray-marched light shafts are only partially fixed, and currently have a distorted halo around the character and other objects inside them. These are most noticeable in The Hand That Feeds and the Pandemonium. Press U to cycle between the partial fix (default), mono and disabled.
  • Reflections are mono
  • The mouse cursor depth is not adjustable as it uses a hardware cursor.

Additional Notes

  • I played the game on the awesome quality setting. If you are playing on a lower setting and notice any broken surfaces, please let me where in the game you saw it and what settings you were using.
  • I expect that I will need to update the fix as more books are released, so check back for updates.
  • The game runs in a borderless full-screen window. It should automatically select a profile which will work in this mode, but if the 3D doesn't engage when running the game use nVidia inspector to remove it from any profile it has been assigned to.

Thanks to everyone who helped out on the forum to make this fix possible, especially 4everAwake and mike_ar69! Together we have pioneered new techniques for fixing broken lighting and shadows in Unity games, so this thread may be of interest to other shaderhackers: