Monday, July 28, 2014


Fix By Eincrou


Created using game version 1.05


First, thank you to Eqzitara for the thousands of hours of work he has put in to making 3D Vision better.  By my estimation, he has put in 100x the amount of work NVIDIA themselves have over the past two years.

This fix comes with a huge warning: I have had crashes with the Helix Mod that prevented me from progressing through the game.  Sometimes the game will crash when attempting to load levels.  This happens only with the d3d9.dll version, but the injector version simply does not work.  Since the game only saves progress at the start of levels, it's not possible to save before the end of a level, disable the Helix Mod to load the next level, and then resume with the Helix Mod enabled.

It could be that this is a problem only on my system.  That's why I am uploading the fix, in case it can work for others.  If your game crashes when it tries to load a level, you know why.

Crashing resolved: Thanks to TsaebehT for sharing information about the Steam overlay causing crashes.  The game loads where I was getting 100% crashes.  Details in the How To Get It Working section.

This fix solves:

  1. Incorrectly rendering dynamic shadows removed.  Using the Helix Mod to target only the bad shadows allows you to enjoy the game's functional dynamic shadows.
  2. Gameplay and cutscenes require drastically different convergence values.  Three presets for depth/convergence are available with hotkeys.

Problems not fixed:

  1. Ground textures for exteriors appear below ground level.  Very bizarre...
  2. 2D crosshair and world markers.
Change log:
  • v1: (7/26/2014) Initial fix.

How To Get It Working

  1. Extract the .zip file to the same location as Shadowgrounds.exe.
  2. The Steam overlay must be disabled. As of August 2014, un-checking it in the Steam settings does not fully disable it.  You must rename GameOverlayRenderer.dll in your Steam installation folder while Steam is running.  After playing Shadowgrounds, rename it back to normal.
  3. Use F1, F2 and F3 to set your desired depth and convergence values.  They come preconfigured with F1 for regular gameplay, F2 for slightly lower convergence than F1, and F3 for cutscenes.
More information about Steam overlay issue: GeForce Forums: steam-update-breaks-helixmod-on-some-games

Preset Hotkeys:

Pressing F7 saves your current depth and convergence values to the last preset key you pressed.  The default hotkeys can be changed in DX9Settings.ini.  Reference the linked chart for keycodes.  Use the number from the second column: Keyboard Keys and Key Code Values
  • Preset Key 1: F1 
  • Preset Key 2: F2
  • Preset Key 3: F3


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Decline of 3D Vision

    Around two and a half years ago Helix introduced Helixmod wrapper. Many people including myself got involved in the project and we have released around 250 patches to date. Patching a game is a difficult process that very few people are familiar with and was always meant to be a supplemental. Our aim was to show NVIDIA how much of a demand there was for 3D gaming and gain more 3D Vision titles. Unfortunately, as time progressed we had less and less titles.
     As we had less and less support I questioned NVIDIA as to why we are having less support. They said in short, That I didn't understand and that developers are not likely to want to implement because it will not effect sales enough. The fact remains though that NVIDIA is not offering any incentive to developers. They blame them for the lack of support but they sponsor developers to support their technologies such as PHYSX, TXAA, ETC.
     Not surprisingly the modders of Helixmod have been treated poorly. As most know, we are not employee's of NVIDIA. Nor are we paid for our time/contributions. We do not do this for NVIDIA but to help the community often at great costs. All we ask is that NVIDIA supports 3D Vision ~ which they haven't. Not get in our way ~ which they've done several times.

    This may come as a shock to many people since we have been almost the sole method of support for 3D vision. NVIDIA has broken our patches on multiple occasions and frankly made our lives more difficult. Such as...
-Breaking Helix's patches for Mass Effect 3 and Kingdom of Amalur [Took 6 months of constant requesting to resolve]
-Breaking patches for DMC / Mass Effect 2. [Gained around 150 signatures requesting aid. Never resolved. I had to spend my time making changes that harmed the patches to get them compatible]
-Made several requests to change profiles on games we patched. [We learned to not bother, these requests get ignored]
-Helix made a request that they look into fixing the issue that occurs via 3D vision that causes distant lights to cut off in Bioshock Infinite.

     NVIDIA has done many other things that upset all of us ranging from Negligence to False Advertising. To the point many games including ones we added support to are claimed to be 3D Vision supported.
-The ratings have always been considered a joke but the Geforce Page is notorious for claiming support on titles that are even rated unsupported.[This has improved as of late]
-They even made a special advertisement of a game that was patched by myself and is otherwise unplayable. 
-Depth buffer/Fake 3D is a cheap method to easily gain support of virtually every title. NVIDIA is giving these games high ratings to attract new users.
-Since they are no longer contacting developers about support. Any game with depth buffer support and is sponsored by NVIDIA will be claimed as 3D Vision supported.

     Not surprisingly, over the years many modders decided it was time to move on. Not that I or anyone could blame them. Patching is a difficult process that takes many, many hours. Not to mention we constantly run into issues with SLI/NON-SLI/Patches to want to deal with NVIDIA BS. So we went from a few modders to two, Mikear69 and myself[Eqzitara].
     Its mainly been the two of us for a year and though we have done our best many have grown frustrated with the lack of our support of certain titles. Unfortunately it has become clear to everyone not to rely on NVIDIA so in turn this puts all the pressure on us. We do not entirely blame these individuals but its become clear that as time goes on more and more people will become frustrated.
     Both Mikear69 and myself agreed that its time to move on. We will be continuing for a time but we both will be leaving sometime during the Fall season.. Please keep in mind that I speak for both of us in saying this was not an easy decision. I have patched around 100 titles and given support to 1000's of users. Despite my work 3D vision has long since become a product I can not recommend to others. Its gotten to the point that whenever I speak to a new user I honestly feel sorry for them.

We would like especially thank..
Helix, who did so much for 3D Vision.
All modders who have contributed.
People who donated towards costs of web server. Which will keep the web-site/file server up for many years.
3DVision-Blog , 3DVisionFR , 3DSolutiongaming , S3DGamerZone
Comments are disabled. If you wish to discuss go to NVIDIA forums
If you wish to contact me please contact my email and I will try to reply . Please keep in mind that the decisions made here are final however. Do not contact on NVIDIA forums since I am no longer using it.
 I can't make any promises but I plan to last till Fable Anniversary and Borderlands Pre Sequel [if possible] but afterwards I will be moving onto Oculus Rift and recommend the same to all others.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kerpal Space Station [NEW PATCH]

By 4everAwake

Kerbal Space Program:
Fixed: skybox, halos, HUD, UI
Extract contents of zip file into the folder that contains the game's exe
Known Issues:
-small digital counter is screen depth (minor)
-camera mouse look doesn't work with the 64-bit version (see below)
Additional Notes:
With the 64-bit version of the game, camera mouse look (holding right mouse
button & dragging) doesn't work. Though, you can still change camera views
with a keyboard or gamepad. I included a folder with the 64-bit DLL
Also, if the game fix doesn't kick in initially, cycle 3D off & on (Ctrl
+ T).
Tested with version 0.24 (released 7/17/14). Doesn't work with the Steam


Monday, July 14, 2014

DmC Devil May Cry - 3D Vision fix

DmC Devil May Cry - 3D Vision fix.

New Update:
Made change to fix issues that Nvidia caused but were too lazy to fix. No more crashing regardless of driver.

Old Update:
Fixed SLI Reflections
Automatic convergence feature added + Support added for Vergil's Downfall
Seperate convergence setting for gameplay/cinematic will automatically trigger.
[Cinematic]Press F3 adjust depth/convergence setting and save with F7
[Gameplay]Press F4 adjust depth/convergence setting and save with F7
Must restart game once for new settings to apply.

- Shadows;
- water reflections;
- some on screen effects(flares and etc);
- fog/dust

Screenshots gallery.

Remaining issues:
- Still has few more wrong effects which is hard to catch.
- Water reflection cut off in the right side of the screen.

[Automatic Convergence version] Download this archive[NON-SLI] OR this archive[SLI] Unpack downloaded archive in to the " Win32 " game folder (example : ":\Steam\SteamApps\common\DmC Devil May Cry\Binaries\Win32").
[Old Version] Download this archive Unpack downloaded archive in to the " Win32 " game folder (example : ":\Steam\SteamApps\common\DmC Devil May Cry\Binaries\Win32").

Y - key switches(cycle) HUD depth (3 variants).

U - key  switches (cycle) depth presets (2 variants).
Holding "T" key activate low separation preset (for cut scenes). You can use something like "JoyToKey" to bind this key to pad.
If you want to save your custom convergence settings press "U" and select required preset, set custom separation/depth settings , then press F7 and your settings will be saved in the config file. You can set custom settings for both presets and for cut scenes preset as well (when holding  "T" key, set custom separation/depth  settings and press F7. Release  "T" key

Tested on Steam version of the game.

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 - by mana84

New Update:
Made change to fix issues caused by Nvidia's negligence but were too lazy to fix. No more crashing regardless of driver.

- lights and shadow issues are fixed
- fog, smoke and other effects are fixed
- lens flares are fixed
- crosshairs, enemies indicators and target marks fixed (dynamic depth)
- presets for convergence/separation, you can cycle by 'U' key

This is a rewritten and improved 3d fix, 2d elements, shadows and other effects should be fixed properly now. Like always, make me know if someone finds any other issue.

I want to thank smarteck from the bioware forum for his mods, he's certainly one of the biggest texture modder for ME saga. If you are interested, you can download his mods for ME2 here

How to install/play:
- Extract "" archive in your "..\Mass Effect 2\Binaries\" directory of the game. If you have steam version it should be "..\Steam\SteamApps\common\Mass Effect 2\Binaries\".

Spec Ops : The Line =Helix Update=

By Helix/Eqzitara

Fixed a game breaking issue that some were experiencing.
New version has disabled subtitles. Their was an issue when porting fix to new format and this was only solution I could find. If this is a problem download old version which has worse shadows.
Issues remaining
No subtitles, hud elements at wrong depth, minor.
Disable fog/dust effect[Its not broken. Game just goes heavy with it. It limits visibility which kind of goes against S3D.]

This was one of my first UE3 fixes and its hud is a bit of a mismatch. Besides that it only has a few remaining issues. As long as subtitles aren't an issue its still around an excellent/great.

Optional-Cycle Frustum(Default hotkey CTRL-F11): Change your frustum till bloodstains don't cutoff. To change hotkey go into nvidia control panel. Set up stereoscopic 3d.  Set Keyboard shortcuts. Enable advanced.

Recommended Settings
All Settings Can be Maxed. I personally recommend turning off ambient occlusion. Its very low grade in this particular game. Similar to Borderlands 1. Its up to preference though.
Install to:
..\Program Files (x86)\2K Games\Spec Ops The Line\Binaries\Win 32\