Sunday, February 22, 2015

Shadow Puppeteer

-Added depth to HUD & UI

Remaining Issues:
-Shadows are off in some cutscenes
-Some occasional light clipping

-Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into directory that contains the game's EXE file.

Additional Notes:
  • '1' key has 2 convergence presets
  • '2' key has a low convergence preset (for cutscenes)
Utilized DarkStarSword's FOV fix.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (Updated)

Download the fix:

The fix has been updated for the final release with all five chapters. Special thanks to KING Art and Nordic Games for granting me access to the Chapter 5 private beta to get this fix ready ahead of time :)

Shadows are now fixed. If you have installed a previous version of this fix, be sure to delete the ShaderOverride folder before installing the new version, otherwise shadows will still be disabled.


  • Shadows, halos, etc.
  • Manual convergence and UI depth presets added (see below)
  • Menus, books and maps automatically activate custom separation, convergence and UI depth presets tailored to each one.


I recommend you get comfortable with switching between different convergence and UI depth presets to suit each individual scene in the game. The recommended L preset is conservative to make it usable for the entire game (except for the drunken punch minigame in chapter 2, which needs the K preset), but some scenes may look better with a higher convergence.

UI, subtitles and inventory depth adjustment (not mouse cursor):

  • ~: Screen depth
  • 1-9: 10-90% depth
  • 0: 100% depth

Convergence presets:

  • K: Low convergence preset for the drunken punch minigame in chapter 2
  • L: Recommended preset for most of the game
  • semicolon: High preset for extra pop (can be too high in some scenes)
  • quote: Extra high preset for extreme pop (can be too high in some scenes)

The convergence presets on K and L are fixed, but the presets on semicolon and quote can be customised to your preference. Start by activating the preset, adjusting the convergence with Ctrl+F5/F6 (advanced key bindings must be enabled in the control panel), then press F7 to save.

Known Issues

  • Mouse cursor depth cannot be adjusted as the game uses a hardware cursor.
  • The default convergence preset does not get activated automatically when the game is launched. Press L to manually activate it after launching the game.
  • There's a few scenes in the game where the background is little more than a pre-rendered texture drawn over extremely simplified 3D geometry that doesn't really look very convincing in 3D. Fortunately there are only a few of these (mostly when talking to other characters, and mostly in chapter 1) and outside of them the 3D looks fantastic!


Extract the contents of to the game directory. You should end up with this directory structure:

...\The Book of Unwritten Tales 2\Windows\BouT2_Data\
...\The Book of Unwritten Tales 2\Windows\BouT2.exe
...\The Book of Unwritten Tales 2\Windows\steam_api.dll
...\The Book of Unwritten Tales 2\Windows\d3d9.dll  (new)
...\The Book of Unwritten Tales 2\Data\
...\The Book of Unwritten Tales 2\ShaderOverride\   (new)
...\The Book of Unwritten Tales 2\DX9Settings.ini   (new)

After launching the game, press L to activate the recommended convergence preset.


  • I have not found all the optional side quests in the game yet. If you notice a rendering issue in one of them, or find more books that need a custom stereo preset please let me know.
  • I updated the fix during the chapter 5 private beta, but have not thouroughly checked if anything changed for the public release. Let me know if you find something broken.

Interested in learning to fix 3D Games?

Come join us in bo3b's school for shaderhackers!

If you are interested in seeing what changes I made to fix this and other games, I'd recommend checking out my 3d-fixes github repository - you can look through the commit history to see exactly what I changed and why.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Dying Light (DX11)

Update 02/17:
- Add Aiming Presets for both version (This change the cinematics presets for Xbox controller, see Presets section)

Update 02/16:
- Update both wrappers to support Xbox Controller for Running and Cinematics. Also add a delay for running and smooth  transition when release, now looks better when running. "Shift" key and "Left stick button" for Xbox controller for running. "P" key and "Right stick button" for Cinematics

Update 02/13:
- Add more weapons shader.

Update 02/11:
- Add new version of flugan wrapper, now "Shift" and "P" key for Running and cinematics works exactly like 3Dmigoto.
- Add more weapons shader.
- Add fix for sun reflections in water puddles, is aproximate, not perfect.

Update 02/10:
- Add version with Flugan Wrapper.

- Shadows (Interior, Night, Sun)
- Lights
- Lensflares
- Sun Glow
- Reflections
- HUD/Crosshair (adjustable by parameter)
- Hands and Weapon tweak, so you can adjust convergence only to hands and weapon, independent to the convergence of the world. This is new in FPS games fixes, this don't restrict increasing convergence.  (adjustable by parameter)

- Extract the .zip where .exe is located
- Change in-game FOV configuration to +3
- See the Note related to resolution and aspect ratio.

Know Issues:
- Shadows looks off when FOV is changed. In cinematics and running devs add a dynamic FOV, so shadows will look off. I add 2 presets to minimize that.
- Not all Weapons are covered with the convergence tweak, so may look wrong. If you want to disable this feature change to "1" the "z" parameter in the d3dx.ini file.
- Main menu have different FOV so shadows looks off.
- Some minor reflections
- Some SLI users report objects render in one eye. Disable SLI fix this.

- If you use another FOV value (different from +3) or use a resolution that produce an aspect ratio different from 16:9 you have to change the "Shadows, Reflections, Running and Cinematics Correction value", instructions are inside the d3dx.ini file.
- I play on No-SLI setup, 347.25 and 347.52 driver, default profile, win7.
- You can change the depth of the Crosshair/HUD changing the "x" parameter in the d3dx.ini file.

- "Shift" Key / Left Stick Button (Xbox Controller) for Running to minimize the FOV effect (is Hold)
- "P" Key / Back Button (Xbox Controller) for Cinematics to minimize the FOV effect (is Hold)
-  Right Mouse Button / Right Stick Button (Xbox Controller) for Aiming (Is Toggle)
- "7" key preset for low convergence
- "8" key preset for medium convergence
- "9" key preset for high convergence

More info here:

Download 3Dmigoto version


** Fix with Flugan Wrapper **
User with win8.x i recommend use this fix.

Download Flugan version

Download Flugan version (Include .BIN files)

Sunday, February 8, 2015



-Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into directory that contains the game's EXE file.

Additional Notes:
  • 'Q' key has 2 convergence presets
  • 'Tab' key has an extra low convergence preset. Press this when reading the newspaper and when operating the cannon.
Utilized DarkStarSword's FOV fix.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Miasmata (Major Update)

I'd like to present a game that is pretty special to me. I first played it (in 2D) back in 2012 not long after it came out, and I had quite an amazing experience in it - something which I have never quite felt in a game before and honestly don't know if I ever will again. This is a very unique survival exploration game that gives you a map and compass and a realistic cartography system, but it really starts to get interesting once you get lost, and believe me - you will get lost (and if you don't - you're doing it wrong).

There's something about the tension that this game creates when you suddenly realise that you are no longer on the path you were following and aren't really certain which way you came from. When the sun goes down while you are lost in the wilderness and you discover that this developer actually made night dark in this game and you can't see two meters in front of your face. When your heart starts beating as you suddenly realise that you are no longer alone...

I wrote a short story about my first day in this game, which goes over some of the basics of the game in a bit more detail.

This game has been fixed for 3D before - 3d4dd did an excellent job in making it playable in 3D, and it was in fact his fix that prompted my second playthrough of the game, which later led to me getting involved with modding the game before I took up 3D fixing. I released an unofficial community patch to fix some of the bugs in the game, an achievement tracker to help out completionists with some of the harder or broken achievements, a modding tool to tweak some of the game's parameters, and even helped Gooby to translate the game into French. One of my long standing goals of learning how to fix 3D in games has been to come back to this one and solve the last few remaining issues - achievement unlocked ;-)


Medium & High quality Water

I managed to fix the real-time reflections when the water quality is set to medium or high, and as you can see the reflections are accurately rendered below the surface where they belong:

Note - the water rendering gets messed up after changing any graphics settings in the game, so be sure to restart the game to fix it!

Light Shafts

The light shafts were a bit tricky, requiring a correction in world-space coordinates without the necessary matrices to do so. As a last resort I ended up using an unrelated object's MVP matrix and was able to calculate the correct adjustment from that.

Then I hit a snag - I'm sure everyone reading this will be aware of the issue in 3D where objects will disappear at the edge of the screen. Well, after fixing the light shafts the same thing happened to the fog, which looked incredibly jarring and eye-bleeding. I ended up interpolating the fix away at the edge of the screen to prevent this from happening, which gives a very good result.

Automatic Stereo Crosshair

This is something I've been wanting to try out for a while now - using the depth buffer to automatically determine the correct depth to place the crosshair in the game. This won't work in every game and takes a bit of effort to get working, but it was extremely effective in this game once I got the maths right.

It is still a bit experimental, so two fixed depths can be cycled by pressing the 9 key if needed. Pressing 9 again will return to the auto crosshair.

Other Fixes

  • A halo on the water is fixed such that it is no longer necessary to use the Aion profile.

  • Sky box depth pinned at infinity, allowing the convergence to be customised if desired.

  • A seam on the horizon has been fixed (provided medium or high quality water is selected), though if you do manage to get right up close to the edge of the map the Truman wall will become apparent.

  • Updated to latest Helix Mod.


  • Download the fix here

  • If you have assigned Miasmata to the Aion profile for the previous version of this fix, remove it from that profile.

  • Unpack the zip file to the game directory, e.g.


  • Recommended: Install the unofficial communtiy patch, which fixes a number of bugs in the base game.

  • Set water quality to high to enable real-time 3D reflections. Medium is ok as well, but do not use low quality.

  • Set Antialiasing to high (makes a huge difference to the water quality)

  • IMPORTANT: Restart the game. Do this any time you change the graphics quality settings!

Known Issues

  • IMPORTANT: Sometimes triangulating a landmark doesn't work properly in 3D (it's being falsely obscured by something else to the left). When this happens hold the Q button to temporarily reduce separation to the minimum which will allow triangulation to work. Disabling 3D will also work, but the Q method is much faster.

  • There might be some vantage points where the stereo crosshair gets confused while looking out towards the horizon. If this happens press 9 to cycle to a fixed crosshair depth (press twice more to return to the auto crosshair).

  • Changing the graphics settings will mess up the water - restart the game after changing any graphics settings!


These are not bugs specifically related to the 3D - these are just four common bugs that everyone seems to hit. None of them are game breaking, but it's handy to know ahead of time how to work around them.

  1. At night if you are holding a torch in your right hand and open your map or journal, the light will go out making it near impossible to see. If your hand is empty your lighter will work properly, so it's often a good idea to stand near some sticks and throw away whatever you are holding before getting out your map.

  2. Opening and closing the map too quickly when standing next to a known landmark or under the effect of a mental clarity tonic the mouse input will lock up. If that happens use tab to open and close your journal to restore the mouse.

  3. Researching a plant that has previously been researched will open the journal to the front page instead of the research notes. Doing this will have caused the note to move to the very end of your research list, so it is still pretty easy to find even if you can't remember the plant's name.

  4. As already mentioned several times, changing the graphics quality settings you cause a "grainy water" rendering issue until the game is restarted.

Update 2015-02-09

  • Fixed black seam that could appear at the edge of the map if the camera was tilted (such as during the ending cutscene).

  • Fix will now work with older versions of the game, such as the v2.0.0.4 version from GOG. Note that this old version was only tested with all graphics settings set to high, and the fog/god rays have clipping issues on this version, so it is recommended to update.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Grow Home

-Halos, HUD & UI

Remaining Issues:
-Lights are incorrect in some cutscenes
-An icon in the loading screen has too much depth

  • Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into the game directory "..\Grow Home\"
  • Use Nvidia Inspector to assign "GrowHome.exe" to the profile "3D-Hub Player". (For instructions on how to assign profiles, see this guide)