Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Viscera Cleanup Detail (including Santa's Rampage & Shadow Warrior)

Download the fix: 3Dfix-Viscera-2015-04-01.zip


  • UI menus and in-game screens
  • Object highlights
  • Molotov Cocktails (in Santa's Rampage)
  • Shadows
  • Light shafts
  • Decals
  • Bloom
  • Fog


Extract zip file under:


Use the 32bit version of Viscera cleanup detail.

Do not manually adjust the separation - doing so will cause object highlights and Molotov cocktails to become misaligned! Four separation presets are provided on the backslash key as an alternative.

Known Issues

Some object highlights and Molotov cocktails are misaligned (to the right) when 3D is disabled. This appears to be a driver issue as it happens whenever 3D is enabled in the control panel and the fix will counter this problem, but only while 3D is enabled and using the provided separation presets.

If you instead notice this misalignment happening to the left while 3D is enabled, please let me know.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Woolfe The Red Hood Diaries

fix by: 3d4dd

- halos caused by some water surfaces, fog and magic view
- god rays
- dynamic shadows

- some reflections and special dynamic shadows I couldn't fix
  • 32bit-system: Download this ZIP file  and extract the contents into the binaries folder of the game (e.g. ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\WoolfeTRHD\Binaries\Win64\)
  • 64bit-system: Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into the binaries folder of the game (e.g. ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\WoolfeTRHD\Binaries\Win32\)
  • edit WoolfeEngine.ini in ...\Users\...\Documents\My Games\WoolfeTRHD\WoolfeGame\Config
  • change AllowNvidiaStereo3d=False to AllowNvidiaStereo3d=True
  • for 64bit-system: delete GameOverlayRenderer.dll and GameOverlayRenderer64.dll in the main folder of steam (steam overlay won't work any more!). Otherwise the game will crash with Helixmod.
Additional Notes:
- toggle depth and convergence presets for gameplay and cut scenes per hotkey "v":
You can customize the settings by pressing the hotkey, adjust convergence/depth and save it with Ctrl+F7.
Many thanks to bo3b's school for shaderhackers and especially DarkStarSword!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Assassin's Creed Rogue (DX11)

- Shadows
- Lights
- HUD (adjutable with the "x" parameter in d3dx.ini file)
- Sky/Sun/Stars
- White dots in the snow

Know Issues;
- Some reflections outside the animus.....is minor and there is a few time you're outside the animus.....sorry i'm lazy....

- Extrat where the .exe is located
- Disable Blood ingame.

I play with all max out....only disable motion blur.
There may be some shader with low configuration settings that don't work properly...please let me know.



Monday, March 16, 2015

Far Cry 4

A fix by DarkStarSword and mike_ar69

Special thanks to Bo3b for the decompiler fixes and DHR for discovering the Max Payne 3 profile!

Download the fix: 3Dfix-Far Cry 4-2015-03-17.zip


  • Shadows
  • Halos
  • Water reflections
  • Environment reflections
  • Specular highlights
  • Interior building masks
  • Clipping on lights
  • Low convergence preset activated when aiming via right mouse or left trigger (you can edit the d3dx.ini file to adjust the convergence amount or key binding under [Key1] and [Key2]).
  • UI/HUD depth adjusted (depth may be customised via the X parameter in d3dx.ini under [Constants])
  • Weapon sight depth adjusted (depth may be customised via the Y parameter in d3dx.ini under [Constants]).
  • "Dirty lens" bloom depth adjusted
  • nVidia god rays ("ENHANCED" option in settings)
  • Regular god rays (while looking at sun through trees)
  • Underwater green fog volume
  • Underwater caustics
  • Halos around lights
  • Decals
  • Moon glow
  • Fog


  1. Use nvidia inspector to assign the game to the Max Payne 3 profile. Refer to this guide for instructions on how to do this.

  2. Unpack zip to Far Cry 4\bin directory

  3. If game switches to windowed mode after launch, press alt+enter to switch back to full screen

  4. Set ambient occlusion to HBAO+ or SSAO. HBAO+ looks significantly better than SSAO, but has some minor artefacts on some surfaces. SSAO may not work on earlier versions of the game.

  5. Set Anti-Aliasing to MSAA or TXAA if your machine can handle it. Off works, but shadows will have a 1 frame sync issue, and may appear to lift off the ground while walking. SMAA is not recommended.

  6. Disable motion blur, as it causes rendering artefacts.

  7. If you are using SLI, set terrain to medium or lower to get good performance.

  8. If your screen resolution is either 2560x1440 or 3840x2160 and you wish to play with SMAA or anti-aliasing disabled, refer to the instructions in this post.

Known Issues

  • Shangri-La missions are reportedly broken with SLI for some users. Currently the only known workarounds are to turn off either 3D or SLI for these missions.

  • Repair tool flame is misaligned, and can't be fixed without breaking other flames.

  • Windows & doors of buildings sometimes appear brighter than they should.

  • Soft shadows create a box shaped artefact.

  • Simulated fur glitches a little when very close to the camera, but otherwise looks fine.

  • Moon glow reflection is not quite right (I could either fix the reflection, or the glow in the sky... I chose the later).


If you find any rendering issues please post on the forum thread, and be sure to mention where the broken effect was in the game, and what settings you are using - particularly anti-aliasing, shadows and vegetation.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Defense Grid 2

I've fixed this up for 3D, and it looks great!  You can get some really good toyification with the convergence cranked up, turns out tower defence games are really well suited to 3D!  Big thanks to bo3b and DarkStarSword, who deserve most of the credit for helping me work it all out.

Download the fix: DefenseGrid2.rar

  • Halos for water, fire, some lighting effects
  • Sky

  • Shadows

Known issues
  • Minor lighting problem in Mission 19

  1. Extract rar to the game directory (\Steam\steamapps\common\DefenseGrid2)
  2. Hold Z during the introductory level flythroughs for a more comfortable convergence
  3. Run the game
If you need to raise/lower the convergence while holding Z, look for the following section in d3dx.ini:

Key = z
convergence = 15
separation = 100
type = hold

You can modify this to change the key, or adjust the convergence

Monday, March 9, 2015

King Arthur - The Roleplaying Wargame

I managed to get this little gem of a game working in 3D! This is one of my personal favorite strategy games similar to the Total War Series. This game is in a fantasy setting and is so much more immersive in 3D. I've easily put over 100 hours in this game.


Some other screenshots are attached to the link below, I don't know where my picture files went :)


In order for this to work, there are a couple of things you need to do when installing the required files. Here are the simple steps to get this working in 3D.

A.) Must add "Launcher.exe" & "KingArthur.exe" to AION profile using Nvidia Inspector.


B.) Go to the in game video options and turn slider for shadows all the way to the left (off). Everything else can be maxed out. I suggest doing this before you use the fix. The menu sliders for game settings are stretched in 3D but they are still fully functional by clicking the little arrow buttons. There are no problems with UI during game play :)

C.) Install the files from the fix to the root directory of the game of your install location.

Download: KA_TRPG_3DFix.rar
  1. d3d9.dll - Helixmod
  2. ShaderOverride - Disabled one vertex shader. Disabling it does not remove any thing noticeable other than a severely distracting shimmer. I added a line of code to the shader to make it work with vs_3_0
  3. d3d9res.dll - This is to inject your custom resolution
  4. resolution.ini - This is to configure your custom resolution
  5. DX9Settings.ini - This is for custom convergence settings and also has the proxylib function to inject your custom resolution. I have used the "U" key as a toggle to switch convergence between campaign map & battle map. A third key "0" is optional as well which I use for the "Flyby Camera" for victory locations. You need to change the Proxylib to your correct game path. You can certainly modify the custom convergence settings and save them by using the F7 key.
This game is definitely worth playing in 3D. The strategic and tactical depth gives a wide range of option and variety. Please note that there may be other problems that I have not encountered but I have tested a good solid 10+ hours without problems. There may be the odd artifact but it is really a minor thing.

One additional bonus! This fix also works for The Kings Crusade. Same instructions and add "lionheart.exe" & "launcher.exe" to AION profile.


Fix by Stryker_66